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Hedgehog Adoption:

Please take the time to read & understand our policies. This page will help guide you in the right direction to adopt one of our hedgehogs.

We care about our herd and the homes they will go to. Hedgehogs are exotic animals and require special care. Taking the time to read, understand, and research helps us determine whether or not your home is suitable and ensures our hedgehogs a good life.

Where can I learn proper care?

At Prickled Rose Hedgehogs we believe joining Facebook Groups dedicated to Hedgehog Care is the best place to learn and ask questions! Prickled Rose Hedgehogs provides lifetime support for all of our adopters, if you have any questions or concerns regarding care please do not hesitate to contact us accordingly. 

(Group names below are hyperlinked!)

We have TWO Facebook groups:

Hedgehog Groups for Education:

You will learn a lot and get a lot of varying opinions on care. It is recommended you join at least ONE group and learn & ask as many questions possible before taking your hog home. 

How much are your hedgehogs?

Depending on age, coloring, and temperament; our hedgehogs can range in price.

Adults: $50-250
Babies: $175-600

On average our hedgehogs are $300-375
For all adoptions (Including Rescues) a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold your desired hog.

Do you ship your hedgehogs?

Yes! We can transport our hedgehogs across the USA for an additional fee! 

At the moment we only use a 3rd party GROUND transport.

We do not fly our hedgehogs or mail them.

Depending on distance, ground transport can cost $150+ in addition to their adoption fee!

We will contact and schedule the transport so no need to worry! Once they are confirmed on the route, we will send you their info with meetup date & time :)

*Babies will need to be paid in FULL before leaving for transport, you will be required to send payment to the transporter via electronic payment or cash at pickup.*

How old do I have to be to adopt?

In order to adopt one of our hogs you must be at least 18 years old. If you are younger than 18 you MUST get written permission from a Parent/Guardian.

*At the time of adoption, P/G must be present to sign contract* 

Can I breed my hoglet? I want my own little hedgehog family!

No. All of our hoglets are sold to PET ONLY homes. Upon adoption you will be signing and agreeing to a Non-Breeding contract. While all of our hedgehogs are pedigreed, pet homes will not be given copies, if you would like to see proof of our program you may view it when picking up your hedgehog.

Only reputable breeders are allowed to adopt our hogs for breeding.

Can I adopt multiple hedgehogs at once?

Hedgehogs are SOLITARY animals and do not need cage mates. Very rarely do hogs depend on another hedgehog. Most of the time the hedgehogs are simply tolerating each other then randomly fight or kill their cage mate.

Females and females can sometimes be paired (usually mom and daughter or sister and sister) but males with females and males with males should NEVER be housed together. You risk fighting, death, or accidental litters that end in cannibalizing due to stress.

To avoid stressful environments for our hoglets, we have the right to refuse adoption to homes with opposite sex hogs or those intending to co-hab.

I think I'm ready to adopt!....How do I??

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see our ADOPTION APPLICATION (Desktop Only). Once you've submitted an application WE WILL CONTACT YOU to tell you that you've been APPROVED.

If you do not hear back from us after 48 hours please CONTACT US! 

Upon approval you will need to place your $50 NON REFUNDABLE deposit, feel free to send it whenever, but we hold spots in order of deposit sent. So the longer you take, you may lose your spot!

All of our hedgehogs are adopted in the order of the wait list (Your $50 deposit automatically adds you to the waitlist). If you do not see the hoglet you desire you can pass onto the next person and wait for the next litter. 

Once the wait list has been contacted all available hogs will be open to the public. 


What payment methods do you accept?

To place your deposit and make payments on your baby, you can send us payment electronically or drop off cash. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS!

Methods of payment we accept:

Cashapp: $ThePrickledRose
Venmo: @PrickledRoseHedgehogs
Zelle: 602-459-5456

Okay. I paid my deposit! Now what?

Once you've paid your deposit please contact us so we can add you to the waitlist! 

We suggest you join our private Facebook group, The Prickled Rose - Waitlist & Baby Updates Group , to see exclusive updates on babies and photos before they're posted to our website! 

I've paid my deposit, chosen my hedgehog, what do I need to bring to take them home?

We allow our babies to go to their new homes when they're 8 weeks of age and/or 200 grams (Whatever comes first) If you're adopting an adult, they can be taken home as soon as you'd like!

BEFORE PICKUP WE WILL NEED TO SEE PROOF OF SET UP. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUSH BACK DATE OF ADOPTION UNTIL A PROPER SET UP IS ESTABLISHED. [Failure to make proper adjustments to ensure you have a safe cage can lead to a cancelled adoption and loss of deposit]

All of our hedgehogs come with:

  • 1 weeks worth of kibble (You will receive a list of the kibbles we feed to purchase more.)

  • A copy of your contract

  • Lifetime support! Any question or concern we're here for you 24/7.

Things YOU need to bring:

  • Soft or hard sided carrier. You will not be allowed to take home your hedgehog in your lap. In the event of an accident we want our hogs to be safe. 

  • The rest of your adoption amount if paying with cash

  • A valid Driver's License (If under 18 years it must be Parent/Guardians)

How to Adopt: FAQ

Hedgehog Adoption Application:

This application is for our Babies, Adults, Retiree's, AND RESCUES!


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