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Prickled Rose Hedgehogs Adoption Policies

Please make sure to read & understand our policies. Failure to follow policies can result in loss of deposit and ability to adopt.

Health Guarantee

Our Hedgehogs come with a 7-day health guarantee. If in the first 7 days, the hedgehog is found to have an illness that a veterinary can confidently say was the result of Prickled Rose Hedgehogs we will provide a replacement hedgehog or refund purchase price of hedgehog minus the deposit. 

We also offer a 1-year congenital health guarantee. This covers congenital defects [Definition: a disease or physical abnormality present from birth] (unless previously advertised). Health problems need to be deemed to be "genetic" by a qualified exotic veterinarian who is well versed in hedgehogs and cannot be a result of lack of vet care, improper diet/nutrition, poor housing, neglect, abuse or accidents. If your hedgehog is found to have a genetic defect, that jeopardizes the quality of its life we will replace the hedgehog at no additional cost. All vet records must be provided to Prickled Rose Hedgehogs. If the hedgehog dies due to a congenital disease/defect a necropsy report must be provided to Prickled Rose Hedgehogs at your cost to receive a replacement hedgehog.  

Our hedgehogs come with a lifetime guarantee against wobbly hedgehog syndrome (WHS). Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) can ONLY BE DIAGNOSED THROUGH NECROPSY. Common ailments like ear infection, hibernation attempts, temperature issues, stroke, neurological issues, etc. can show symptoms similar to WHS. WHS is a very very rare and slow progressing condition but is usually diagnosed by inexperience hedgehog vets even though it can only be diagnosed via necropsy after death. Buyer assumes all financial responsibility of the necropsy and related expenses. If wobbly hedgehog syndrome is found through necropsy by a qualified exotic vet, Prickled Rose Hedgehogs will replace the hedgehog with a hedgehog of equal value. Necropsy Report and all vet records must be provided to Prickled Rose Hedgehogs to receive a replacement hedgehog. 


A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve hedgehogs.  Deposits are non-refundable.

By placing a deposit you are agreeing to our policies.

Hedgehogs and/or waitlist spots are not considered reserved until the deposit has been received by us.


If payment is sent and WE, Prickled Rose Hedgehogs, later determine that the sale is not in the best interest of the hedgehog, the seller, or the buyer, the payment will be refunded in full.  This full refund is ONLY in the event that it is our decision to cancel the sale and that our decision was not based on deception on your part.  If you have completed our Contact Form and were deceptive about your age, your residence in a legal state, whether or not you currently own hedgehogs, your intentions regarding breeding, or who the actual intended owner of the hedgehog is/will be, we will not refund the full payment; the $50 non-refundable deposit amount will be retained and the remainder will be refunded. If we have traveled to meet with you, the travel fee will not be refunded as those services were provided to you.


We do our best to ensure that every hedgehog that leaves us is matched with a suitable owner. We would like to see every animal go to a forever home but we do understand that sometimes circumstances can leave some pet owners with no choice but to re-home or return their pet.

We require that our buyers notify us in the event that they are unable to keep their hedgehog.

If the hedgehog is returned to us in good health and of the same temperament as when it left, the following section outlines our return policy:

Within 7 calendar days of purchase - 70% refund of the purchase price.
8 - 14 calendar days of purchase - 50% refund of the purchase price

After 14 days, no refund is given, but we are more than happy and require our hedgehogs to be returned to us.

Refunds are offered in cash or via original electronic payment form (if you didn't pay in cash) at the return of the hedgehog.
Shipping charges and delivery fees will not be refunded once those services have been provided to you. Start Kits will not be refunded if purchased from us. 
No refund will be given for any hedgehog that is returned to us ill.
No refund will be given for any hedgehog that is returned to us injured.
No refund will be given for any hedgehog that is returned to us with new temperament issues that it did not have at the time of sale; such as biting.

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